White 6 Drawer Dresser

The bedroom is an amazing spot for decorations. Family photos, heart-warming quotes, and house plants make for the perfect decorations in a bedroom.

However, without a dresser, it is difficult to find a spot where you can display your bedroom items.

Aside from having wide and deep drawers, this white six-drawer dresser provides much-needed surface space to place your favorite family photo or your beautiful house plant.

Benefits of Having White 6 Drawer Dresser to Your Home

  • Design – The most important aspect of any dresser is the overall look. This white six-drawer dresser has a plain, clean, and flawless piece of furniture that will fit with your interior design and assures you get a perfect combination with any background decor.
  • Mirror Added – This white six-drawer dresser can be added with a mirror because of its wide upper side. By that, you’re free to enjoy makeup and hairstyle with your friends.
  • Placing It – With this white six-drawer dresser, you are free to place it wherever you want around the house. Aside from the bedroom, you are able to put it as well in the living room to act as your TV stand and make the area attractive at the same time.

Before Purchasing The White 6 Drawer Dresser

  • Your Needs – The first thing you will have to decide is your requirements. For example, What are the accessories and grooming appliances you own? How many drawers do you need in the dressing unit? You will have to figure it out first before buying a white six-drawer dresser. Separate drawers for different belongings such as clothes, jewelry, cosmetics, and etc are a must.
  • Compare to Other Furniture – When looking for a white six-drawer dresser, try to compare it to the other furniture. This way, it will let you know which one is more sturdy and made from good quality materials.
  • Price – The six-drawer white dresser may be quite costly. Make sure before purchasing, you already set aside your budget for this long-lasting furniture that will last through the years.

Reviews: Top Rated Six Drawer White Dressers

Here are some excellent choices in the best quality and most exquisite styles of Six Drawer White Dressers;


If you are looking for a versatile dresser that is also perfect for use in a nursery, then you cannot go wrong with the Stork Craft Avalon.

  • The overall design of this dresser has the ability to interact with any furniture you have in the house.
  • It contains six drawers which are quite spacious and can fit many clothes and accessories.
  • It is made out of some of the highest quality wood and composite materials, extremely safe and non-toxic.
  • This product is pretty easy to assemble and contains steel hardware construction.
  • This product is available in gray, black, and espresso finishes.
  • This product is also eligible for the replacement of moving parts.
  • The product has dimensions of 17.5 inches in length x 50 inches in length x 40.5 inches in height.
  • The product weighs about 114 pounds.

Score: 95 By Daniel Max


Aside from the bedroom, this prepac astrid six long drawer dresser will be good as well in the sitting room, hallway, and private office.

  • Made from 100% wood with veneer covering that will show the dresser’s durability and longevity.
  • Two people are required to assemble the product.
  • The product is available in espresso, crystal white, and black colors.
  • Item dimensions of 16 inches in length x 47.25 inches in width x 28.25 inches in height.
  • The product weighs about 81 pounds.

Score: 94.7 By Daniel Max


This is a contemporary styled six-drawer dresser that will definitely match any modern styled home and add a touch of class.

  • It is finished with a durable fresh white laminate.
  • Available in five gorgeous colors as well.
  • The drawers have been made with metal roller glides to make them open and close easily.
  • It is constructed from some of the highest quality laminated wood.
  • It has six drawers that provide ample space to store your different kinds of belongings.
  • The style of this product can match with all the other prepac furniture.
  • The product has dimensions of 16 inches in length x 60 inches in width x 29 inches in height.
  • The product weighs about 94 pounds.

Score: 95 By Daniel Max


The south shore vito collection features a double dresser in a modern and classic style available in five different color finishes to perfectly complement any home.

  • It comes with a five-year limited warranty.
  • This product has a transitional six-drawer dresser system accompanied by a decorative kick plate.
  • This dresser is made out of composite wood, which is compliant with the adheres to CARB regulations and comes certified by the FSC.
  • It also comes with nickel-metal handles that include dampers and stops.
  • At least two adults are required for the assembly of this product.
  • The product has dimensions of 19.5 inches in length x 59.25 inches in width x 31.25 inches in height.
  • The product weighs about 119 pounds.

Score: 94 By Daniel Max


The perfect addition to any indoor room, the Dorel Asia has a fresh look that will bring a calming presence to your chosen area.

  • The furniture is crafted with a sturdy wood construction that can stay with you for years.
  • The drawers are designed with smooth roller glides for an easy open and close movement
  • It has six spacious drawers that are perfect for storing clothes, accessories, and important documents.
  • The product has dimensions of 33.5 inches in height x 45 in width x 19 inches in depth.
  • The product weighs about 100.31 pounds.

Score: 93 By Daniel Max


The tvilum Scottsdale six drawer dresser has a wide and deep storage room that is perfect for storing your clothes, blankets, and extra pillowcases. It will help you keep your items clean and organized.

  • The furniture is made from sturdy wood that will comes in many years.
  • It has smooth metal glides to make the drawers easy to pull and push.
  • It is airy, attractive, and easy to assemble.
  • The product has dimensions of 19.69 inches in length x 60.55 inches in width x 27.6 inches in height.
  • The product weighs about 30 pounds.

Score: 96 By Daniel Max


  • Color is available in cottage grey as well.
  • Drawer glides come pre-assembled so that you can put your dresser together more quickly.
  • The upper side of this dresser can be used for displaying alarm clocks, artwork, and candles.
  • Moreover, the six roomy drawers are great for storing different kinds of household items.
  • The product has dimensions of 48 inches in length x 17.8 inches in width x 33.9 inches in height.
  • The product weighs about 95 pounds.

Score: 94 By Daniel Max


The Sorbus furniture has a wide surface that can be used for displaying lamps, alarm clocks, books, eyeglasses, charging stations, and more.

  • The product is made from Medium-Density Fibreboard.
  • This product is available in three gorgeous color options.
  • It has six ample drawers that are perfect for storing clothes, accessories, and paper works.
  • The product has dimensions of 31.5 inches in length x 11.75 inches in width x 24.62 inches in height.
  • The product weighs about 19.91 pounds.

Score: 95 By Daniel Max

Index Table for White 6 Drawer Dressers

1Stork Craft Avalon - Six Drawer Universal Dresser in White
  • Color Options
  • Composite Non-Toxic Materails
Stork Craft95
2Prepac Astrid - White 6 Drawer Dresser
  • Solid wood Knobs
  • White Finish
3Prepac Monterey - Six Drawer Dresser
  • Removable Drawers
  • Nylon Glides
  • Anti-Tip
4South Shore Vito Collection - Six Drawer Double Dresser
  • Metal Handles
  • CARB and FSC Certified
South Shore94
5Dorel Asia Baby Relax Rivers - 6 Drawer Dresser in Pure White
  • Traditional design
  • Easy to assemble
Dorel Asia93
6Tvilum Scottsdale - 6 Drawer Dresser in White
  • Handle-free drawers
  • Wood Grain
7DaVinci Fairway - 6 Drawer Double Dresser in Cottage White
  • corner blocks
  • support bars
8Sorbus Furniture Storage - Dresser with 6 Drawers

The Six Drawer White Dresser is a substantial and beautiful addition to every home that will enhance the style and provide exceptional quality functional features.

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