White Dresser with Mirror

When you think about buying new furniture, a white dresser with a mirror will be somewhere near the top of your list.

Even you need to fix your living room, bedroom, or your kid’s room, it is a great way to have this furniture if you want some extra storage to put your household items.

This white dresser with a mirror has a genuine character that lasts with each passing year. A traditional look combined with modern functions like quiet, smooth-running drawers.

Advantages of Having a Mirrored Dresser

Having a mirrored dresser has functional purposes such like:

  • Visual Appeal – The overall appeal of a room increases with a mirrored dresser, they lend a clean and elegant appearance top to the room. Moreover, they look sophisticated and classy wherever placed.
  • Enhances the Effects of Lighting – Mirrors reflect light. This property makes them a beauty to behold when used on dressers in bedrooms. The mirrored surface enhances the effect of lighting fixtures like chandeliers, lamps, candles, etc. in the room.
  • Opens Up the Area – Mirrored dressers make the room appear larger than it actually is. Mirrors give an illusion of more space, this attribute does wonders for small rooms by making them look way larger than they actually are.
  • Easy Maintenance – Owning a mirrored dresser requires simple maintenance. All you need to do from time to time is to wipe it with a soft cloth to get rid of dust and fingerprints.

Tips to Consider before Purchasing White Mirrored Dresser

  • Research – Do a bit of research into where a piece of furniture was made and its materials, in order to avoid products that might contain harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde or fire retardants. Both substances have historically been common in furniture construction.
  • Check the Drawers – Make sure the drawer pulls all the way out, latches properly, and then shuts evenly. Check the handles and knobs, they should fit tightly and not jiggle or turn.
  • Don’t Rush – Take your time. Rushing to make a decision can lead to paying even more than the price of such a product. To ensure you find the best deal, wait for a major holiday.

Reviews: The Best White Mirrored Dressers

Here are some of the top choices of White Dressers with Mirrors available today;


A magnificent and modernly decorated white dresser with a mirror will be one of your functional furniture inside the house.

  • This is useful and a very inexpensive dresser with a stunning mirror on top.
  • The product contains six drawers that provide ample space for storing clothes, extra sheets, and pillowcases.
  • There are side roller glides used for the drawer’s smooth operation.
  • It will definitely blend with any style and background decor of your home because of its clean and attractive color.
  • The product comes with dimensions of 60 inches in length x 18 inches in width x 34 inches in height.
  • The product weighs about 106 pounds.

Score: 95 By Daniel Max


A stunning contemporary style white mirrored dresser, that has some exceptional features and functionalities.

  • It has five drawers and two cabinets that provide ample space to store your household items.
  • It has a fresh white overall appearance that will enhance your home interior.
  • The furniture is perfect for the bedroom, sitting room, and hallway.
  • The dresser is made out of solid wood and comes with a laminated finish.
  • The product comes with dimensions of 83 inches in length x 66 inches in width x 18 inches in height.
  • The product weighs about 247 pounds.

Score: 96 By Daniel Max


The liberty furniture mirrored white dresser offers a style and clear look you love for your contemporary home.

  • The product weighs about 229 pounds.
  • The product is made from engineered wood.
  • Two people are required to assemble the product.
  • The top’s mirror is molded into the white frame, giving it a classic and gorgeous appearance.
  • It features two small drawers on top to provide a space for your accessories and make-up kits.
  • Moreover, the six deep and roomy drawers are perfect for storing clothes, extra blankets, etc.

Score: 94 By Daniel Max


This six white dresser with a mirror will add an impressive look to your home without changing any decor around the area.

  • There is a casual and classic styling in this product that comes with a white finish.
  • There are six storage rooms, which are ample and practical for people with a lot of belongings to be put in the drawers.
  • Made from engineered wood.
  • The product weighs about 141 pounds.

Score: 95 By Daniel Max


The home fare dresser has one of the best finishes that will create an atmosphere that cultivates the fanciful imagination of yours.

  • It made from a solid material to maintain its longevity.
  • To wipe the dust from this product, you can use a mild soap detergent and a damp cloth.
  • The three drawers on top will give you space where you can put your accessories, and special stuff you have.
  • Moreover, the four drawers below have deep and wide spaces that perfect for storing clothes, shorts, and etc.
  • The product comes with dimensions of 19 inches in length x 56 inches in width x 77 inches in height.
  • The product weighs 161.7 pounds.

Score: 95 By Daniel Max


  • Made from sturdy wood which can stay longer.
  • It has a cottage style that explains its decorative look with graceful lines.
  • It has six spacious drawers to fit in all your bedroom items, from clothes to blankets to toys.
  • The product has dimensions of 17 inches in length x 48 inches in width x 70 inches in height.
  • Item weighs about 105 Pounds.

Score: 96 By Daniel Max


  • It has a stunning color which is white.
  • Made from Engineered Wood.
  • This drawer’s upper side can display makeup kits and other beauty products.
  • Perfect for any indoor room.

Score: 94.7 By Daniel Max


  • Made from 100% wood.
  • It has four spacious drawers to fit in all your beauty products.
  • Wipe it with a dry cloth to clean.
  • The product has a dimension of 35.04 inches in length x 20.47 inches in width x 16.54 inches in height.
  • The product weighs about 66 pounds.

Score: 95 By Daniel Max

Index Table: Top Rated Mirrored White Dressers

1ACME Louis Philippe III - White Dresser with Mirror
  • Brushed
2Liberty Furniture Industries Summer House I - White Dresser with Added Mirror
  • Oyster White Finish
  • Metal Side Drawer Glides
Liberty Furniture Industries96
3Liberty Furniture Bead Molding - 8 Drawers White Mirrored Dresser
  • Felt Lined Top Drawers
  • Classic Style
  • Easy assembly
Liberty Furniture94
4Liberty Furniture Kenlin Drawer Glides - Six White Dresser and Mirror Set
  • English Dovetail Construction
  • White Finish
Liberty Furniture95
5Home Fare Sweetheart Youth - Seven White Dresser with Mirror
  • Soft feminine curves
  • floral scrollwork
Home Fare95
6Furniture of America Alaia - White 2-Piece Dresser and Mirror Set
  • Solid wood
  • Wood veneer construction
Furniture of America96
7AODAILIHB Vanity - White Dressing Table with Mirror
  • Two drawers
  • Flip storage
8LVSOMT Vanity - White Dresser with Added Mirror
  • Silver glass
  • Solid iron legs

As you can see from our selection, there is a perfect White Mirrored dresser style to complement any home’s theme or style. These Dressers are made from fine quality materials with superb decorative details and excellent functionality features.

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