5 Amazing White Wood Dresser You Must Have

Organize your home with a dresser of your choice. It is an important part of a modern household where you keep your everyday items used.

This white wood dresser offers plenty of spare storage space in your bedroom for anything from sweaters to slacks.

The color is superior, and the design has exquisite detailing that will enhance any modern style room in your home.

White Wood Dresser Options

If you look at a broad range of white wood furniture in the market, you’re going to come across a few choices.

Contemporary Design

In most instances, people go for the modern white wood dresser rather than something more creative and old-fashioned.
The matter is that it gives them an absolute identity that they would utilize when setting up their bedroom.
It provides a certain amount of calming effect on a house that is built to contemporary modern tastes.

Classical Design

In a white wood dresser, you get intricate patterns that are sometimes carved by the masters in carpentry.
These could end up costing you thousands of dollars, and that is not something that you would want if you are on a limited budget.
However, if you are looking at a product that is on par with the best, and you are more than willing to spend a substantial amount of money for it, then going for this artistic variety would prove to be a good deal on your part.

Benefits of Having White Wood Dresser

  • Wood Advantages – The advantages of wooden furniture in the home cannot be overstated. Most of all, wood offers a unique combination of aesthetic appeal and peerless structural integrity that other materials can’t reflect.
  • Worth the price – This durability ensures that wooden furniture offers excellent value for money. This white wood dresser is Solidly made and maintain its value over the years.
  • Mood Changes – Having this furniture can transform the mood of a room or entire house, creating a homely, welcoming feel and a truly organic sense.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing White Wood Dresser

  • Research – Browsing online means you can see furniture ratings and customer reviews that provide insight on important details like lifespan, staining, and more.
  • Good Dealer – When you are looking to purchase a good design for the white wood dresser, you must get the right source. Try to Investigate the owner about the dresser and ask how you would get the product delivered to your doorstep.
  • Make a Walk – Try to visit other places where you can find a white wood dresser that you might like and definitely suit your budget so, don’t waste those opportunities.

Reviews: The Top-Rated White Wood Dressers

We have researched and reviewed some fantastic options of white wood dressers for you to choose from;


The Walker Edison white wood dresser has a stunning design with the functionality of spacious drawers and safety stops to create versatile and safe storage space in your home.

  • This is a popular dresser these days because of its authentic modern style and solid material.
  • The item is available in two flawless colors and two different sizes.
  • The product comes with all the safety and security measures and regulations necessary to work properly.
  • The hardware material behind this product is made out of pure metal.
  • It provides spacious drawers for storing clothes, pajamas, and extra sheets.
  • The product has dimensions of 52 inches in length x 16 inches in width x 33 inches in height.
  • The product weighs about 63 pounds.

Score: 94 By Daniel Max


The Home Styles Naples Dresser is constructed out of the best quality mahogany hardwood solids and is finished in multi-step white and a clear coat to protect it against wear and tear.

  • This product is made from Naples and contains a four-drawer chest.
  • It has contemporary mahogany hardwood solids and wood that have been engineered for the specific purpose of creating a drawer chest.
  • The lining on the top drawer is made out of felt to store jewelry and additional essential accessories.
  • This product comes with multiple white finishes.
  • The product has dimensions of 16.5 inches in length x 36 inches in width x 36.5 inches in height.
  • The product weighs about 76 pounds.

Score: 96 By Daniel Max


The Stork Craft Kenton is the perfect choice for a child’s room or nursery, and it can coordinate well with any Stork Craft Crib. This dresser combines classic styling with exceptional functionality that will grow with your child.

  • The product is a universal Dresser and can coordinate with any contemporary furniture such as the glider, change table, stork craft crib, and many more.
  • It contains five spacious drawers that can fit all the clothes and accessories.
  • It is made out of extremely high-quality wood and composites that are non-toxic.
  • It is easy enough to assemble and contains hardware made out of steel.
  • It is available in a wide range of colors such as espresso, black, cherry, etc.
  • The product has dimensions of 18 inches in length x 33.7 inches in width x 49.6 inches in height.
  • The product weighs about 101 pounds.

Score: 95 By Daniel Max


You cannot go wrong with the Da Vinci Jayden; this dresser is the finest quality and perfect for the nursery or any other room in your home.

  • This dresser meets the ASTM International and U.S CPSC safety standards.
  • The Dresser finish is a non-toxic multi-step paint that is lead and phthalate-safe.
  • It is manufactured from 1005 sustainable New Zealand pine wood and CARB 2 compliant MDF.
  • This product has drawers containing metal runners and safety stops for safety and longevity.
  • The four lower drawers’ presence ensures that you can keep many accessories since they are incredibly deep.
  • There is a nickel finish in the drawer pulls of this product.
  • The product has dimensions of 48 inches in length x 18.75 inches in width x 32 inches in height.
  • The product weighs about 92.6 pounds.
  • Espresso and slate color options are also available in this original white bedroom dresser.

Score: 95 By Daniel Max


The Monterey in white is a six-drawer dresser with a profiled top and side moldings and an arched kick plate. The dark pewter finished solid metal knobs, and smooth running drawers add to this dresser’s simplistic beauty and functionality.

  • The drawers all contain metal roller glides and built-in safety stops so that they will be able to run smoothly.
  • The metal knobs are pewter finished.
  • This product’s construction is exceptionally high-quality composite wood, which is laminated.
  • There is a certain amount of assembly required for putting this product to good use.
  • The product has dimensions of 16 inches in length x 60 inches in width x 29 inches in height.
  • The product weighs about 94 pounds.

Score: 93 By Daniel Max


The Cozy Castle white wood dresser has a double vanners board that will make the dresser sturdier and looks perfect in every angle.

  • It is made out of engineered wood and two people are required to assemble the product.
  • The three top drawers provide ample space for keeping the bedroom accessories, makeup kits, and hairdryer.
  • While the four drawers below are perfect for your clothes, pants, and extra pillowcases.
  • Color is available in light walnut as well.
  • The product has dimensions of 56 inches in length x 19 inches in width x 35.8 in height.

Score: 95 By Daniel Max


The Tvilum Scottsdale furniture has an extra high drawer side with deep storage that assures its spaciousness and functionality.

  • The upper side of this dresser can be used for displaying family pictures, flower vases, and books.
  • It requires two adults to assemble the product.
  • The drawers come in smooth metal glides with built-in safety stops to make easy movements.
  • The item dimensions of 19.69 inches in length x 60.55 inches in width x 27.6 inches in height.
  • The product weighs about 30 pounds.

Score: 96 By Daniel Max


The Storkcraft Crescent three wood drawer chest has an outstanding design that will bring a touch of elegance to any indoor room.

  • This furniture made from durable materials that will lead you for many years.
  • Available in three stunning colors and three different sizes.
  • The three drawers provide enough room for storing clothes, pants, and jackets.
  • The item dimensions of 16.73 inches in length x 31.5 inches in width x 33.31 inches in height.
  • The product weighs about 71.3 pounds.

Score: 94 By Daniel Max

Index Table: Top Rated White Wood Dressers

1Walker Edison Mid Century - Modern Grooved Handle Wood Dresserr
  • angled legs
  • Cutout handles
Walker Edison94
2Home Styles Naples - Four Drawer White Wood Chest Dresser
  • Mahogany Hardwood
  • Felt Drawer Linings
  • Multiple White Finishing
Home Styles96
3Stork Craft Kenton - Five Drawer Universal White Wood Dresser
  • Spacious Drawers
  • Change Table
  • Easy Assembly
Stork Craft95
4Da Vinci Jjayden - Double White Wood Dresser
  • Metal Runners
  • Safety Stops in Drawers
  • Nickel Finish Drawer Pulls
Da Vinci95
5Monterey White - Six Drawer Wood Dresser
  • Metal Roller Glides
  • Safety Stops
  • Pewter Finish Metal Knobs
6Cozy Castle 7-Drawer Dresser - Chest of Drawers for Bedroom
  • Wood Dresser
  • High quality MDF board
Cozy Castle95
7Tvilum Scottsdale - 6 Drawer Double Dresser
  • Extra high drawer
  • Contemporary design
8Storkcraft Crescent - 3 Drawer Chest
  • Universal Dressers
  • Storkcraft Crescent

The White Wood Dresser is a timeless and solid investment for any home that will bring many years of superior style and class and practical and convenient functionality.

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